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Welcome to Hercules Propellers
Tailor made propellers, individually designed for your aircraft to maximise performance.

To achieve optimal performance, any aircraft requires a specifically designed propeller.
When all of the many attributes of a propeller design are adjusted to exactly match a given airframe and engine combination, the propeller becomes remarkably more efficient than a traditional ‘one size fits all’ pattern propeller.

A correctly designed and well made propeller will help to;

  • Reduce take-off distance
  • Improve rate of climb
  • Increase cruise speed
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Quicken throttle response
  • Reduce engine vibration
  • Reduce noise
High performance aircraft propellers

Using the airframe and engine statistics along with the expected performance data, Hercules Propellers will design and manufacture a propeller specifically for the intended aircraft, to meet, or in many cases, exceed flight performance expectations.

Hercules propellers are designed and made to order. Customers can choose between a wide variety of finishes or choose bespoke colours and schemes.

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